3 ways to beat migraines


Since I was 4 years old I had been suffering from migraines. Really bad ones. So bad that I would actually throw up so much that my bile also came out. This happened at least once per week, if not more. I could not do anything other than go to bed, in my completely dark room without any noise or smell to trigger me. I now realise that this once per week pattern lasted through all my child and teenage years and halved as I finished school. I had ended up taking two big paracetamol tablets to deal with those horrible headaches that made me want to crash my head against the wall and tear my eyes out.

My life has changed now though. I now get a migraine only when I get very stressed or when under pressure as I still have quite a sensitive nervous system. And when I get them, it is actually a sign of being out of alignment with my truth, put myself into a situation that is making me feel sick, or most of the time when I fly. I have also only taken one paracetamol tablet in the last six years, if not more. 

Once I get the prodrome of a migraine I have the tools to stop it in its tracks. My dietary changes have also been life changing. Yoga, my medicine, is actually how I cure. I stretch my neck and shoulders daily, making my back stronger, so that the oxyput has space to decompress. I also breathe much deeper.

The thing is that we need to understand them in order to cure them. A very sensitive nervous system is what makes us susceptible to migraines. Migraines needs 2 things to go away. Oxygen and space.

So today I want to share with you my top 3 steps to beat migraines naturally

1. Adaptogens, haleluja

The thing with migraines is that we need to understand them in order to cure them. A very sensitive nervous system is what makes us susceptible to migraines. So if you have a sensitive nervous system that gets triggered easily, adaptogens are such an amazing tool to help you pacify it. 

Adaptogens include: medicinal mushrooms (reishi, cordyseps, lion's main), maca powder, ginko biloba, gingseng, ashwaganda) but you have to make sure that you get a bioavailable supplement. I personally use this incredible supplement that has ashwaganda, cordyceps and gingseng as well as ingredients that help my cell's mitochondria function better and be more resilient. Learn more about it here and buy it with a discount here

2. Lavender and Copaiba oils work wonders.

Through smell they go straight into the emotional brain, the limbic system, and work their way into relaxing the nervous system. I rub them on my temples, diffuse them or put a couple of drops on my hands and inhale. Dr Eric Z has this migraine blend in his book The healing power of essential oils that is specifically designed for us susceptible to migraines.

Migraine and headache relief blend

7 drops peppermint

7 drops lavender

2 drops copaiba

2 drops frankinsence

2 drops wintergreen

28 grams carrier oil (fractionated coconut oil is best)

Massaging this on my neck, temples and jaw is a life saver, seriously. 

This month by the way, you can receive a a bottle of Copaiba for free if you place an order until the end of July. Reply to show you how. Basically doterra sends you a free bottle with every order over a certain amount. If you do not have a doterra account yet you can create one here and the free bottle will be shipped to you.  


3. Deep Breathing

Oh yes. Seriously, have you tried a 10 minute conscious breathing routine when you get a prodrome or when you have the migraine? The breathe is the number one communicator to our nervous system. 

I use yogic breathing as my medicine. I inhale in the belly, then chest, then collarbone feeling my body with fresh air, then exhale from top to bottom. Slow and relaxed breaths. With every exhale releasing tension from jaw and shoulders. 

If you practice yoga, heart openers are seriously my saviour. Backbends have tremendusly helped me with tension headache and migraines. But I ll keep this subject for another time. 

This article is really cool about yogic breathing. 


I would LOVE to hear from you. What are your experiences with migraines. How do you find relief. Would you like to learn more? Please comment below.