Choco and orange bliss balls with potent antioxidants

essential oil bliss balls

I absolutelly adore this recipe. I was never a fan of orange and chocolate. The smell was too strong, too weird and too sweet. But since I started using essential oils in cooking a whole new world of flavour opened up! I adore these balls. They are high in protein, super packed in antioxidants and detoxifying compounds and the aroma is just incredible. 

Learn more about the amazing benefits of wild orange oil here.


1/2 cup hulled hemp seeds

2 tbs tahini

6 medjool dates

1 tsp coconut oil

5 drops wild orange essential oil, certified pure therapeutic grade

2 tbs raw cacao powder

Pulse coconut oil, dates and tahini in your blender or food processor. Add all other ingredients until it forms a dough. You might need to stop a couple of times and scrape the ingredients from the sides and pulse again. Once you have a dough roll the mixture into small balls and roll on dessicated coconut or hemp seeds. I dusted mine with beetroot powder!