Practice with me on YouTube

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This is a super quick practice to do at home. Based on classical Hatha yoga Surya Namaskar (sun salutations) you will get a good sweat and replenish the energy inside. You will finish this practice feeling revived in such a short time. If you have a minute add a Shavasana at the end!

This is a strong flow if you have 40' available for practice. It is moderate in difficulty so you need to be familiar with instructions to follow it. Feel free to modify throughout the practice and adjust to your needs. I highly recommend to try it many times and see how your practice changes each time! As you learn it you will flow through it freely!

A sweaty practice to help you get differ into your twists while working out your whole body. We add pose after pose and we peak into side crow or Kundinyasana variations. Half-way recording this video my phone stopped recording so I had to re-record the last 20'. Please excuse the not so perfect recording! This video was filmed in Okreblue in Paros island, Greece.