How to never get sick, proactive healthcare and empowerment


I never get sick. Literally. The worst I have felt involved a little bit of blocked sinuses during winter and that was it. 

The new healthcare is proactive. The new healthcare requires that we are empowered and educated to understand what is going on and address the root cause, not the symptom.  We are responsible for our health. Period. 

Now, if you follow me on social media or receiving my newsletters you know that a big part of my day includes highest quality supplements and high vibrational essential oils.

Why do they work? Because our bodies are synergistic with nature. They vibrate to the same frequency. Instead of addressing the symptom and covering it up, they support the body to be as strong as possible so that it can overcome whatever comes its way.

Using high quality bio-available supplements, that have ingredients and superfoods that our bodies absorb, helps to repair and replenish our cells in order to reverse aging and keep them young, oxygenated and refreshed. 

Using essential oils as medicine empowers us to use chemistry right from the earth. This is real chemistry you guys. 

They are not just pretty smells. NO, no, no. And by the way, if a pretty smell pacifies your central nervous system and removes stress, then trust me, this is anti-aging right there. This is kicking autoimmunity out of the picture. 

Have your ever wondered WHY autoimmune conditions are modern days epidemics? It is simply an over activated nervous system (due to stress and environmental factors and toxins everywhere) attacking our very own cells!

The price of anything is the amount of time we exchange for it. Our time and our health. 

I see many people hesitating starting with oils, and if that is you, it is ok. I was resistant at first. I thought they only belonged to spas. Then I healed my yeast infections and then I realised that I never, ever, get sick. I even healed my migraines. 

And many will start their journey because of a promo. Right now doTERRA offers a Copaiba oil for FREE when you order your oils. The oil that reduces wrinkles, removes stress and aids sleep. 

But the value you get is so much more than a price per drop. It is not the pennies per drop. It is the empowerment in every drop. The hope for higher health, a feeling of empowerment. Take care of ourselves in an honouring way, that feels right.

Price is what you pay, value is what you receive. Before you invest in the next thing, what value is going to create in your life. Is it going to be one more thing added to your closet?

If you are not sure how they are used, this is why I am here. Leading by example I am here for you. For me the journey with oils doesn't start when you click 'shop now'. It starts when you open the bottles and you have questions.

So yes, this month you can get a Copaiba oil for free, and maybe this is the way for you to start your journey. But oh gosh you receive so much value! You receive a better sleep, better digestion, solutions for coughs and blocked sinuses, anti-biotic, anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory substances. 

Lavender: calming, you can use at the buttoms of the feet when you go to bed for epic sleep, or diffuse when stressed or when you need to wind down.

Lemon: tonic, energising, detoxifying

Peppermint: wakes you up, perfect for head aches, amazing smell

Tea tree oil: antimicrobial, perfect for fungus at the feet for example, I use it for blemish or skin infections

Frankinscese: amazing aroma, calming and soothing

Oregano: antibiotic, I drink it when I am sick or rub it on my tonsils

OnGuard blend: immune boosting blend, incredible smell

DeepBlue blend: for sore muscles, soothing for aches and pains

Breathe: incredible blend to open up airways, amazing to diffuse while sleeping

DigestZen: amazing digestive blend to sooth upset stomach or tummy

Why doTERRA? Simply because they are so clean you can actually ingest them. If there was something better I would go for that. Trust me. 

But I always go for the best. This is our temples we are talking about.

Now, if you are not sure about which solution to choose, I can help you. 

Are you healing your digestion?
Is anti-aging and cell repair your main concern?
Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired?
Are you suffering for something specific. Maybe something else will help you more. So please, reply, and let me know what do YOU NEED. 

Here to serve you,