How I healed my vaginal yeast infection without using any chemicals


As a woman I expect you most probably have suffered but this horrible little yeast that develops inside our vaginal canal when we have been stressed, exposed to dump, humid and cold environments or simply got it out of nowhere. Or if you haven't, I am sure you know someone who had it a some point. It is NOT cool. 

A vaginal yeast infection was never part of my story, but three years ago it hit me. I had an intense fight with my mother, my immune system dropped to and I was in a very weird place emotionally and physically. My gut issues had also already started building up, like candida and histamine intolerance.

I went to my gynaecologist desperate to stop this rush in its tracks, I was literally suffering, big time. Extreme burning, itchiness and discomfort. He gave me an anti-Fungal cream with cortisol and since I did not know any better I inserted it into my intimate and very sensitive area. Well, the cortisol had an extreme reaction with my skin and I was crying from pain. 

I tried another cream, and another cream. The candida would go away for three days and then boom, come back like I hadn't sone anything.

So I turned to mama nature. After long hours of research I read about garlic, apple cyder vinegar and oregano essential oil, and I DID TRY THEM ALL! Each one more weird than the other, but I had to. So what worked for me in the end? The oregano oil. I was not wise enough to use it as carefully as I should the first time, and I did burn myself a little bit the first time. But the candida? Gone!

Now that I know better and have used oils for such a long time I know the best way to get rid of this horrible fungi. 

One drop tea tree oil, one drop oregano oil diluted in 30 ml coconut oil, soak a tampon and insert for a couple of hours. IT WORKS!

The most important bit is to make sure you use pure, certified therapeutic grade oil

Since then I turned to essential oils for many other issues. Sleep, anxiety, digestion and any other issue that comes up, and I have never felt better. I get rid of my sore throat easily and effortlessly and I stop a cold sore in in tracks. 

These highly synergistic with our bodies oils have the power to help our body heal and address the cause, not the symptom.

I am passionate about sharing this knowledge and I am offering to you, as part of my tribe, a FREE consultation on the healing power of essential oils according to your own health issues and goals. 

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