Lemon coconut fudge (keto, vegan, paleo)


This is one of my biggest hits. I am super proud of this recipe as it is incredibly delicious and extremely nutritious. 


-2 bars coconut cream

-2 tbs white almond butter (brown will do too, or any other nut butter you like, cashew is great too)

-1/2 tsp turmeric powder

-2 tbs dried fruits (I use freeze dried from Buah fruits)

- 2 tbs nuts or seeds (up to you, I love crushed pistachio or macadamia)

-15 drops lemon essential oil (make sure it is food grade) I use this therapeutic one by doTERRA

- 5-10 drops of stevia or 1 tbs raw honey



Place the packaged coconut cream somewhere warm so that it will start to melt. You can place it on the heater or simply in a bowl with very hot water. Once it becomes soft open the packet and remover the coconut oil into a jar for later use.

Place the coconut paste into a bowl and mix all ingredients except from fruits. Mix well. Then add the fruits and give a good stir.

Place mixture in a dish and in the fridge to set.