Joint and muscle recovery egg tortilla with 'cheezy' avo feeling

This recipe is amazing because it is basically a thin omelet, like a tortilla, so not only you can eat this plain, but you can also fill it with your favourite foods such as salmon, proschiutto, or grilled veggies. 

So it is a great grain free, low carb wrap recipe. Add hummus, guacamole, and some chicken and you are good to go! Iusually make mine with lots of dried coriander leaf and kelp flakes and then I make a wrap filled with spinach and lots of avocado. YUM!

Ingredients for 1 serving

2 eggs
1 tbs collagen protein powder ( I use bulletproof) (extra protein boost, helps maintain joint health and aids muscle recovery). OR sub with 1 tbs soaked chia seeds.
a few baby spinach leaves
1 tbs nutritional yeast flakes
pinch of salt
ghee for the pan

my go-to filling option:
Handful of baby spinach leaves
1/2 avocado
pesto sauce

Other ideas:
Grilled vegetables to make a wrap. You can add hummus or guacamole
Salmon and your choice of yoghurt
Grilled chicken and guacamole

Beat the eggs in a bowl adding all ingredients except the spinach leafs. Melt some ghee  oil at a ceramic pan 30cm and make sure oil goes to the whole pan. When hot enough add egg mixture and let it cover the whole pan. it will look like a tortilla. You can add the spinach leaves at this point or in the end. After 5 minutes, (might be less watch out) with a spatula start removing the omelet until the whole thing is unstuck from the pan. You will be able to see it when it is cooked through, no need to flip on the other side as it will be quite thin. When cooked through remove from pan, place on a plate, and put the spinach leaves inside and fold so that they get “cooked” with the warmth of the omelet. Prepare your avocado, smash it or cut in pieces and place it inside your tortilla. Enjoy!

egg tortilla 2.jpg