The coolest, keto cloud bread

keto cloud bread

Finally a bread that is really keto and paleo in its core! So two ingredients!

- 1/2 cup Bulletproof Collagen powder or other collagen protein powder ( I have only tried with Bulletproof though)

-6 eggs

I simply beat the eggs whites until very fluffy. Then I mix the collagen powder with the egg yolks and then fold in the eggs whites. Then I simply butter (ghee) a loaf pan, add the mixture and pop into the oven at 180.

Watch it rise and rise. Once nice and golden I remove from the oven and let completelly before I remove from the pan.

Here I made it in a cupcake tin and used it as a burger bun! With a pork patty and lots of avocado cream, vegan slaw and bacon. 



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