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Private yoga classes

It is a one-on-one session designed specifically to your body's needs. We will look into your goals, and I will guide you through asana sequences and yoga practices according to your level of fitness and your life's challenges. 

Semi private yoga classes

These are small group classes designer for a group of friends or co-workers. Like one-on-one sessions the semi private classes give us the opportunity to work on your specific needs and see your practice evolving while practicing with friends, family or your teammates at work. 

Both are perfect for:

  • Experienced students who want to take their practice even further

  • Individual students with busy schedules

  • Communities who want to practice together (friends, family, colleagues)

  • Student with special needs such as injuries or pregnancy

  • Begginers


Why do private yoga?

  • Tailored made to your specific needs and level of practice: Although studio classes are amazing, with the private classes you can really take your practice to the next level. We can work specifically with your body's needs as well as address what challenges you in your daily life, to design a set of transformative pranayama and meditative practices, if this is something you are interested in. If you have never practiced yoga before, then the private classes are exactly what you need to get you started in this journey. We will start from the very basics but we will grow your practice fast and sustainably. In this way you will see life changing results from the very first few classes.

  • Convenient to your schedule: we will arrange our sessions according to our mutual availability. We will practice at your space, office or home. We can also arrange classes at my space upon discussion.


How much does it cost?

Classes cost 90£ per class (60 minutes) and for semi- private classes the cost is extra 20£ per person..

Cancellation 24 hrs. Private sessions are available at your home or at my home for one person.


How is it structured?

Well as mentioned classes are designed according to your needs and what you are looking for. But to give you an example  a class is usually like this:

- Arrive to the mat and centre, 5'

- Body awareness, movement while building pranayama 10'

- Dynamic Vinyasa flow pratice 50'

-Yin/ Hatha style practice 10'

-Meditation/ Pranayama 5'

What kind of yoga do I teach exactly?


This is the most common question I get asked! So, I have been trained in traditional Hatha Yoga but if you have followed me on Instagram or have browsed through my website I practice dynamic vinyasa flow. I have trained and practiced with amazing yoga teachers. From the most well known Ashtanga yoga practitioners like Kino McGregor and Eddie Stern to the most Yin and meditative style like Sarah Powers, I mix and match all styles to create something that is made for you, your body and your mind. Not one class is the same as the other. One day you might feel like sweating as much as you can and another day you might need to lay in Shavasana and practice yoga nidra (an amazing practice that translates as yogic sleep). Check out the Move From Love page for more a more specific explanation.

I can promise you that whatever we do in your classes you will feel, strong, flexible, revitalised and deeply nourished. 


Join me in this journey!

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