The best way to understand and deepen your practice is through a teacher that can adjust the practice to your own body and needs. I teach people to become stronger and flexible by addressing their needs.

What kind of yoga do I teach exactly?

 This is the most common question I get asked! So, I have been trained in traditional Hatha Yoga but if you have followed me on Instagram or have browsed through my website I practice dynamic vinyasa flow. I have trained and practiced with amazing yoga teachers Shiva Rea and Sarah Powers being my main influences and inspiration. I mix and match all styles to create something that is made for you, your body and your mind. Not one class is the same as the other. One day you might feel like sweating as much as you can and another day you might need to lay in Shavasana and practice yoga nidra (an amazing practice that translates as yogic sleep).

I can promise you that whatever we do in your classes you will feel, strong, flexible, revitalised and deeply nourished.


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