Health Coaching

‘Let food be your medicine, let medicine be your food’, Hippocrates

I teach people how to heal their gut, remove inflammation, cleanse their liver and transform their health, body and relationship with food.

I work on a 1:1 basis with individuals and my mission is to help them lose weight naturally (maintain or gain if this is they you need) by cleansing and repairing the gut, removing inflammatory foods and find the foods that support them the most. I use scientific research and Ayurvedic based medicine to to show them the tools to thrive and feel good about themselves. 



My area of focus is rebuilding a healthy gut, the place where it all begins. Whether you are suffering from unexplained IBS or you are trying to lose weight, repairing the gut with specific protocols is the way to longterm change.


Low grade chronic inflammation is the sign behind all dis-ease. Most of us ignore the signs and symptoms unless they become dis-eases in the body. But the body gives signs long before we end up with one. Addressing the root cause of inflammation is key.


We aim to open the liver’s phase 1 and phase 2 detox pathways through careful and selective functional medicine detox. No juicing, no fads but real, scientific, functional medicine detox to help you get rid of toxicity, heal and repair.


By rebuilding the gut, detoxifying the liver, addressing food sensitivities and lowering inflammation, weight management happens naturally. You will learn how to prepare meals that will help you feel your best and manage flex meals weekly.

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